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Nova 106

For this innovative 14-metre OB Trailer, ARET conceived the “box-over-box” expansion all along the left side of the vehicle, 2 metre width, a so smart but also so sophisticated way of expansion, that raises the inside space work considerably.

Another important peculiarity of this trailer is the fact that all the rack frames can be unloaded, as they are mounted on guides that allow them to be taken off through a hydraulically actuated tailgate.

On the right side of the vehicle there are two entrance platforms to access the four different internal work areas: sound room, production A (main direction), production B (secondary direction) and shading (technical room/video control area).

On the rear part of the shading there is an equipment room, separated from all the other zones by acoustic insulating doors and a dedicated AC system.

Ceiling and floor heating and fully redundant AC system with treated air exchanged from outside allow the best working conditions during long productions, together with electronically activated monitor wall and production A main desk to adjust their position.

This up to 24 UHD cameras trailer is IP-based, and all the rack frames and desks are fiber-connected. The cutting-edge technology on board guarantees the highest quality of the production in the less time possible, and the high level of the engineering provided backup systems for every production area and for all the mechanical aspects of the trailer.