ALAMIYA OB-10 - 24 Cameras UHD HDR OB-trailer

24 Cameras UHD HDR OB-trailer for ALAMIYA MEDIA

ARET is proud to present ALAMIYA OB-10, showcasing the latest advancements in technology to revolutionize the production landscape. Our cutting-edge infrastructure boasts 12G video workflows integrated with IP Sound Facilities networked in AES67, setting new industry standards for excellence.

With a capacity to host 24 UHD system cameras, including 6 cameras capable of capturing high frame rates (HFR) up to 8x speed, and an additional 6 UHD RF cameras, ALAMIYA OB-10 provides flexibility and versatility for capturing breathtaking visuals. Furthermore, the OB-trailer designed by ARET features 9 UHD Slomo-Servers for replay.

To enhance efficiency and productivity, ARET established two separate PCR rooms, each accompanied by isolated sound mixing rooms. This thoughtful design allows two distinct production crews, enabling simultaneous and independent production workflows. Additionally, ALAMIYA OB-10 includes a comprehensive C.A.R. (Central Apparatus Room), ensuring the complete isolation and independent cooling of all broadcast equipment, safeguarding their optimal functionality.

The Slow-motion/VTR working area can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of different productions, guaranteeing seamless integration and workflow optimization.

Moreover, a centralized Video Shading Control room enables efficient and streamlined video shading operations.
Recognizing the needs of the client, ARET has developed a special coach design optimized for harsh weather conditions of Middle East area. This feature ensures the OB-trailer to remain operational and comfortable, regardless of external environmental conditions.