Radio OBTrailer for live events

For Elemedia S.p.A., a subsidiary of the Espresso Group that manages all the digital properties of the Group and three of the most important Italian radio broadcasters (Radio Deejay, Radio Capital and M2O), ARET renovated this ObTrailer, both on its external and internal.

ARET started the refurbishment with a complete coachworks check and repainting and after that we started to equip a brand new radio studio on board.

The trailer is a complete radio studio with audio direction. The wide area has a fully acoustic treatment, acoustic insulated doors and a redundant AC system. All the desks are customized for equipment housing and there are trusses on the ceiling to hold screens and speakers.
The entrance is an editorial staff and guest area, separeted with an acoustic insulated door from the real studio room, where you can find speakers desks, audio direction with audio mixer desks and the “speaking redactor” position.