The broadcasting industry is evolving rapidly, and the demand for high-quality live productions is at an all-time high. To meet these demands, ARET video and audio engineering developed, through the high value guidance of RAI Direzione Tecnologie, a powerful and compact broadcast OB-truck for RAI.

Part of a 3-units miniserie, this innovative mobile production unit is equipped with state-of-the-art satellite high-end equipment and network delivery transmission facilities.
With the goal of ensuring the highest resolution and image quality for users, RAI UHD-04S includes a 12G video workflow and it boasts sound facilities networked in AES67, equipped with software-defined high-end hardware platforms, offering flexibility and control over video and audio routing, processing, and mixing.

One of the standout features of RAI UHD-04S is its ability to host 6 UHD system cameras, including 1 RF UHD camera, for dynamic and immersive shots, 2 UHD video server slots, and UHD Satellite uplink.
Additionally, it provides two different and flexible areas designed specifically to separate and isolate the sound rooms during live production.