ROSS VIDEO Ultrix | Demo Unit

Ultrix is a compact but incredibly powerful processing platform capable of clean switching video signals from 270 Mb/s to 12 Gb/s, and performing advanced audio processing. The unique design permits users to software license additional capabilities such as integrated multi-viewers, 12 Gb/s signal-switching, and adding frame syncs to inputs. No special hardware is required for any of these capabilities. While these feature sets are typically associated with large and costly systems which cause users to make critical design choices upfront, Ultrix brings such high-end features to all sizes of systems.

Ultrix Primary Capabilities
High performance platform brings you advanced signal routing features and functions to smaller and lower cost systems.

  • Modular frame with a base system starting at 16×16 with 2 Aux I/O can be easily expanded
  • Format flexibility permits SD, HD and 3G video signals to be used seamlessly in the same system
  • Any system can be updated incrementally to add 12 Gb/s signals throughout when there is the need to add UHD capabilities with no change in hardware and using only software licensing
  • The same 12 GB/s licensing also provides the ability to simultaneously interface with both the emerging 4k60 single link and quad link UHD signals with no need for convertors or extra components which greatly simplifies designs
  • High input/output signal density in compact frames saves rack space and reduces costs
  • System design is fully ready for IP/Baseband hybrid facilities

Inclusion of leading signal processing capabilities reduces your system cost and complexity.

  • The platform offers more than mere audio signal routing but extends to being able to offer a complete audio fabric for advanced audio processing
  • The audio capabilities also enables embedded and de-embedding of audio signals giving the system additional value by not requiring costly conversion hardware
  • Completely clean video switching is a standard feature that scales to offer as many outputs as needed, and is the first 12G implementation in the industry
  • The software enabled assignable input frame sync capability is applicable to every input in the chassis through a license for single or multiple inputs. This feature assures consistent timing for sources in the frame, guarantees audio processing on all inputs and that signals fall within timing window for clean switch applications

Well integrated system control meets the complex demands of your engineering staff while making it simple, powerful, and intuitive for users to work with.

  • System creation tools with fast and flexible control GUI’s makes the platform easy to deploy and simple to support
  • Intelligent and industry standard third party interfacing makes integration into a variety of environments uncomplicated

Ultrix provides maximum performance and quality with standard configurations supporting data rates up to 3 Gb/s. However, users can purchase the Ultrispeed software licenses that enables 12 Gb/s performance throughout every signal path within the router. When combined with the inherent capabilities within the frame, the Ultrispeed license also enables routing of the emerging single link UHD 60Hz standard alongside current Quad link 4k signals, and seamlessly switch these signals back and forth to each other.

Ultriscape is one of the many industry firsts with Ultrix. Ultriscape is the first software enabled multiviewer. No special output boards, crosspoints, or multichannel connection cables are needed. Simply enable the desired number of outputs to drive the monitors required, and route any input to whatever multi-viewer head is chosen. Because the output is based on SFP’s, users have the flexibility to choose the output type they need for each monitor, thus eliminating the hassle of matching traditional multiviewer outputs to the monitors being driven. Low latency, metering, tally, and UMD support via standard protocols make for easy integration into existing facilities.

Ultripower is a 1RU external power supply designed exclusively for the Ultrix processing platform with two primary applications. The first is as a rack-mountable power supply for an Ultrix chassis. In environments where equipment ruggedness, security, and maximum space savings are critical, Ultripower is a great fit. Rack-mountable, shallow, as well as easy to access and maintain, it is perfect for things like flypacks, OB Production, or equipment rooms where rack space is at a premium. The second application is using Ultripower to power multiple Ultrix chassis from a single system. One Ultripower chassis can provide redundant power for up to (4) 1RU Ultrix frames, or (2) 2RU Ultrix frames.

Ultrimix provides advanced audio integration, including the ability to embed and de-embed audio on all of the inputs and outputs of the router. No special hardware, crosspoints, or I/O boards are required. Users also have complete flexibility to process, swap, sum, mute, or route any discrete or embedded audio input to any output. Ultrimix is perfect for applications where audio is constantly changing, and it can be used as needed which adds to the initial investment in the system.


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