LAWO V_Pro8 | Demo Unit

The V__pro8 is the perfect tool to connect different video formats as well as to connect between audio and video. High quality format conversion, color correction as well as audio embedding and de-embedding make the V__pro 8 a compact and powerful video processor, building bridges between different worlds and formats. A high-density MADI audio connection provides efficient video-to-audio bridging within the studio infrastructure. The V__pro8 works as a flexible matrix system: using its 8 x 8 video matrix and 384 x 384 audio matrix, it is possible to switch any signal to any other. A modern GUI based on HTML5 provides an ideal interface for easy handling of day-to-day work.

V_Pro8 features at a glance

  • Frame synchronization for each of the 8 channels
  • Frame Phaser and Line Phaser mode
  • Variable audio and video delays for each channel
  • Embedding and de-embedding incl. SRC for each channel
  • RGB Color Correction & Proc Amp for each channel
  • Up/Down/Cross Format & AR Conversion for two channels
  • Two Surround-to-stereo Downmixer per Embedder
  • Dolby® E Auto Aligner
  • Dolby® E Encoding and Decoding
  • Quadsplit Multiviewer
  • Waveform and Vectorscope display
  • Timecode Insertion, Test Pattern Generator and Video ID Generator for each channel
  • Timecode Generator
  • Sync Generator
  • Multi-Format Video Output
  • AV Sync Measurement (Vistek® VALID8 compatible)

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