10 HD Cameras OB Van with side expansion and telescopic mast

This 3G truck has been designed for 8-10 cameras and is expandable on one side. It features a telescopic mast with PTZ camera on top and a flexible layout that allows adapting to different types of productions. The inside of the OB Van is divided into four different areas that are separated using sliding glass doors:

  • Engineering & CCU
  • Production
  • Sound
  • Voice over booth

The voice-over booth, designed on the customer’s requirements, is used for live commentary and features a dedicated acoustic treatment. The robotic PTZ camera, installed on the top of a pneumatic telescopic mast, can be raised up to 8 meters. The pan-tilt head system incorporates a camera with 20x optical zoom. A satellite antenna, used to receive digital TV and radio signals, is also mounted on the roof. Each area is also monitored by a closed circuit surveillance cameras system. The power supply can be selected between public network and diesel generator. On the back of the truck, there is also a motorized cable drum system. The vehicle has been specially built to endure harsh weather conditions, with particular attention on the climate of the region.