Live Espresso Control – See Aret Engineering's New IP Truck

July 13th, 2018 – LAWO

See Aret Engineering’s Alessandro Asti explaining his latest big IP production TV truck, featuring Lawo V__matrix-based multiviewers and IP encapsulation, Lawo V__pro8 base-band glue, Ross video switchers, Lawo mc² audio consoles and the Lawo VSM IP broadcast control system. The V__matrix and V__pro8 units significantly reduce the installation’s footprint reg. space, weight and power consumption – not the least issue to consider in broadcast truck design.

Don’t miss Aret Engineering at the upcoming IBC in Amsterdam, where the company will showcase two vehicles incl. their brand-new on-air radio truck, featuring Lawo crystal & sapphire radio consoles and a full-blown studio with robotic cameras for visual radio applications.