#ARETdoesnotstop - An update on the COVID-19 situation

Following Palazzo Chigi, the seat of the Government of the Italian Republic, whose walls have been illuminated with the colors of our flag, the world has been sending it's solidarity towards Italy: the Cristo Redentor statue in San Paolo, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Vijecnica in Sarajevo and many more.

During this period of Covid-19 outbreak all over the world we feel the need to give you an update on the situation here in Europe with a specific focus on ARET video and audio engineering srl and ARET Coachworx srl group of companies.

Aligning with public health authorities

From the beginning we have taken strict measures to prevent the infection of anyone, and to protect the health of our employees, clients and business partners according to the laws enacted. We are closely monitoring updates from the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19.

We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

Protecting our employees and customers

As our employees interact with customers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit exposure to the virus.

We facilitate smart working for all our Project and Design teams as well as for our Administration and Finance team, while Production and Operation teams are fully working regularly in the company facilities and supported by all measures in terms of containing and handling the COVID 2019 epidemiological emergency (temperature scanning, use of FFP3 masks, sanitization of working environments and workstations, etc).

Moreover, we put restrictions on travels and we carried out a deep cleaning of all surfaces in the two companies as suggested by the WHO.

So far no Covid-19 cases are reported in ARET.

Our commitment to our customers

All these measures keep ARET video and audio engineering and ARET Coachworx companies running as normal and it will not, in any way, affect the level of service guaranteed or the continued vigilance for public health to be upheld.

ARET video and audio engineering and ARET Coachworx are well prepared to manage this situation and continue to be available to attend as done so far. For the above reason we would like to confirm and reiterate our continued plan of operation attending to projects and delivering of equipment.

Our support team is always available to help you with our products, our engineering teams is continuously working of our new fancy projects and our sales teams is ready to answer all of your questions on our solutions.

You can reach us on our website: aret-engineering.com/contacts.

Let’s act together!

Luckily, Italian Government has been the first in Europe to seriously tackle this situation taking strict measures and we are expecting the results of such actions in the next coming days. The good news of this morning is that we are starting feeling a decrease in the spread of the Covid-19.

We see other European Countries, such as Spain, France, Germany and UK, are following the “Italian model” dealing with this worldwide emergency, introducing firm limitations and measures to control the Covid-19 spread.

Therefore, our wish in this moment of global difficulty is that the world will act more united than ever in strengthening mutual collaboration and sharing all possible resources to face this challenge of global importance.




IBC 2019

Join ARET in Amsterdam at IBC Show 2019

ARET at IBC Show 2019
Date:  September 13 – 17, 2019
Venue: RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

IBC 2019 is just one week away, and for this 2019 edition, ARET is presenting two brand new OB Vans in the outside exhibit area.

ARET will also introduce the brand new Semi-Custom Coachwork Line.
Designed by ARET video and audio engineering together with ARET Coachworx (the new ARET Group Coachwork Company),  the semi-custom line is designed to better serve the customers in terms of delivery time and budget.

This is the perfect time to schedule your meeting with the ARET team in Amsterdam.

Join us for a personalized tour of some of the best OB Vans in the world, and don’t forget to find out more about all the latest projects

As always, our stand is located in the Outside Exhibit Area, booth 0.E01.

Get your FREE VISITOR PASS with ARET’s customer code 6154 (register for free for the exhibition anytime up until Wednesday 12 September)
We look forward to seeing you at IBC 2019!

The ARET Team

Reserve a meeting


    The first OB van in the world featuring the new 8331

    Genelec’s The Ones are “the perfect choice” for ground-breaking ARET OB trailer

    Italy’s ARET has created the first OB van in the world to feature the new 8331 point source monitors from ‘The Ones’ series by Genelec, the world leader in professional audio monitoring. Recently previewed at the IBC 2017 exhibition in Amsterdam, the trailer is a showcase of high-end outside broadcast technologies and integration. At the heart of its audio mixing area is a 5.1 surround sound system including the 8331s – described by ARET’s Vice President of Sales, Alessandro Asti, as “the perfect choice” for the vehicle.

    A leading systems integrator and world-renowned provider of OB vehicles for more than 40 years, ARET has built the trailer as a template for future vehicles serving top-tier broadcast requirements, from sport to classical music. Featuring double expanding wings for a spacious working environment and innovative design features such as a partial glass interior to promote cross-truck collaboration, the vehicle is based upon a no-compromise specification.

    “The idea behind the trailer is to demonstrate what is possible when we focus only on the highest-level technology and design, working in UHD with incredible sound to match,” explains Asti. “This OB van reflects the ARET philosophy of combining the best equipment with expert, turnkey integration. It offers a comfortable working environment for video and audio professionals, and it will deliver the best possible performance regardless of the climate, from the harshest cold weather to the most humid location. Everything inside the van is the result of ARET’s long experience, our engineering philosophy and our determination to choose the best.”

    Two audio mix areas are located inside the trailer, the larger of which boasts a SAM 5.1 surround sound system comprising the three 8331A three-way coaxial monitors, plus two 8330A rears and a single 7360A subwoofer. The most compact of The Ones family, the 8331A offers the same precise imaging and wide sweet spot as its larger siblings, as well as allowing engineers to monitor at very close range and to work for longer without suffering listening fatigue. The smaller of the two mix areas offers a stereo set-up comprising two 8320A SAM two-way nearfield monitors.

    Unlike many OB vans, the ARET trailer uses glass throughout much of its interior, improving collaboration between operators, but also creating a challenging acoustic environment. “The use of glass inside the van adds a lot of benefits, including insulating each compartment and allowing operators to communicate with one another visually,” reflects ARET Sales Engineer Alessandro Bechstein, “but of course it also creates acoustic challenges.”

    “It is very difficult to create the perfect acoustic environment inside an OB van. Special acoustic treatment techniques, with particular attention to detail, have been used to insulate the audio room,” adds Asti. “Mixing has to take place in a space that’s very often affected by coachwork, by space being required for other equipment, and a whole range of external factors that do not allow you to create a space as you would in a fixed studio environment. As a result, Genelec’s GLM calibration software was very important.”

    The use of GLM, and particularly AutoCal, has been crucial in ensuring that both mix areas are optimised to represent the best possible listening conditions. “The GLM software and AutoCal are very simple to use,” says Bechstein. “It’s a straightforward and quick solution with amazing results. In a relatively short amount of time you can calibrate the whole system and fully optimise it for your listening environment. Our knowledge of GLM and SAM, and our confidence in AutoCal made us comfortable with the use of glass and other design choices.”

    He concludes, “The sound of The Ones is remarkable and even the appearance of the speakers is captivating, matching the high-class design of the trailer’s interior; everyone who has toured our OB van has been immediately struck by the outstanding quality of the sound system and the remarkable acoustics of the audio room. In the end, the real measure of a product is the final result of the project, and the final result is amazing.”


    LAWO Broadcast 3.0

    Smart production facilities

    Join VP of Sales Alessandro Asti with Lawo and several industry experts discussing the broadcast industry’s current transition to Broadcast 3.0.

    Broadcast 3.0 creates what can be called a “smart production facility”, be it a studio, a truck or a hybrid installation with distributed resources. The approach is based on the following prerequisites:

    a. the deployment of IP networking technology for transport of video, audio, control and auxiliary data

    b. function- and format-agnostic, software-defined processing hardware allowing to transfer data-center and cloud computing principles to broadcast core infrastructure

    c. network- and resource-aware orchestration and control systems that can flexibly map available (hardware and virtual) infrastructure resources to production workflows

    d. intelligent production technology that allows for automated workflows and technology-assisted productions.


    New 24 ULTRA HD Cameras OB Van presentation

    New 24 ULTRA HD Cameras OB Van presentation

    ARET just presented its brand-new concept OB Van at the 2017 edition of the IBC Show in Amsterdam. This OB trailer, which features two large expansions, can be configured up to 24 Ultra HD cameras. The interior is divided into six wide operational areas plus a dedicated equipment room. This trailer is meant as a laboratory for experiencing new ideas both in the coachwork and in the system design. These new defined solutions will be available to the customer to empower their production. The new OB Van represents a different and innovative solution regarding layouts, workspaces, mechanical solutions and, of course, an additional improvement in quality to become a flagship realization over the 40+ years of ARET coachbuilding.

    The acoustic insulated main audio room has stunning acoustics. A 5.1 calibrated surround system delivers high fidelity sound. The main production area features a large 3D shaped monitor wall with a production desk that can be fully adjusted. The same holds for the desk behind the main console that can also be used by PAs and coordinators.

    An automatic sliding glass door divides the production area from the camera control. The full height glass wall of the second production room allows ease of communication between the operators working in the two environments. The insulated equipment room isolates the rest of the production areas from noise and vibrations.


    ARET Becomes Ross Video’s First EMEA Certified openTruck™ Systems Integrator

    ARET Becomes Ross Video’s First EMEA Certified openTruck™ Systems Integrator

    Ross Video is pleased to announce that ARET Audio & Video Engineering, based in Milan, Italy, has become our first Certified Systems Integrator for the openTruck™ standard in EMEA.

    Launched at NAB in 2014, openTruck is an open-access performance blueprint for mobile production that delivers a predictable production experience and the highest quality content. Whether customers require a network broadcast, Internet delivery, or OTT and VOD services, openTruck helps maintain high-quality production values and consistency of final product, ensuring a healthy return on investment.

    The openTruck initiative involves partnerships with equipment manufacturers, system integrators, truck builders, mobile producers and freelance operators. openTruck designs support varying crew capacities, sometimes even supporting twice the number of positions normally found in a vehicle of a particular size. Smaller vehicles and enclosures provide better fuel efficiency, which leads to significantly lower costs to travel from event to event. openTruck is also vehicle agnostic and can be built in varying sizes depending on specific needs. Flight packs, Sprinter-type vans, trailers and forty foot boxes have all have been created around the many advantages of openTruck.

    Commenting on the relationship with ARET, Steve Romain, Director of Special Projects at Ross Video, notes “ARET has been a Ross Video partner for a number of years now and is a very forward-thinking company. openTruck is an incredibly  progressive standard which is open to all and totally focused on helping our customers. I’m therefore delighted that ARET has become our first Certified integration partner for openTruck and look forward seeing openTruck grow in EMEA as it has in North America”.

    Alessandro Asti, Managing Partner of ARET, is similarly enthusiastic. “ARET has worked in OB van turnkey design and integration for 40 years and we’ve delivered over 450 vans worldwide in that time. We firmly believe that the openTruck initiative is badly needed; it offers an extremely high level of production consistency, and customers want the certainty and quality that it provides”.

    ARET will be showcasing openTruck at IBC 2016 in the outdoor exhibition area – plot number 0.E01. Ross Video will be exhibiting our full range of Smart Production solutions on booth 11.C10.

    About OpenTruck

    Powerful, consistent, and cost-effective mobile production

    Live event coverage of any type is a capital-intensive endeavor, and the cost of building and maintaining production vehicles represents a significant overhead. By enabling lower-cost remote production while retaining the quality and standard expected of high-profile broadcast events, openTruck™ levels the playing field for smaller companies and gives producers an all-round better way to expand their coverage and meet consumer demand for coverage of more local sports and other live events.

    openTruck is a viable alternative to traditional truck design. Rather than using overly expensive technologies that lack smooth integration, this new construct emphasizes equipment and workflows that complement each other for better efficiencies at lower costs. A healthy return on investment is delivered using the openTruck blueprint as vehicles are precisely engineered to maximize space, minimize risk and consistently deliver faultlessly efficient production workflows, uncompromising video quality, and rapid reconfiguration from event to event.

    This innovative initiative provides a standardized yet customizable way to design affordable mobile production vehicles equipped with the power and technology necessary to deliver the highest quality content. Trucks built using the openTruck™ initiative, deliver a predictable production experience and outstanding results—all the time, every time. Whether you require a network broadcast, Internet delivery, or OTT and VOD services, openTruck™ is exactly what you need to maintain high-quality production values, and consistency of final product that ensures a healthy return on investment.

    The openTruck™ initiative is helping to fuel an expanding live production ecosystem and make cost-efficient, high-performance production vehicles readily available along with a pool of talented and fully trained freelance operators.

    openTruck™ is suitable for a wide range of applications and events including:

    • Educational and amateur sporting events
    • Local and regional professional sports teams
    • Local and state political events rallies
    • Corporate events
    • Live concerts and performances
    • Community parades and festivals