IBC 2023: Alamiya OB-20 XL Semi-Trailer

ARET video and audio engineering gears up for one of the most anticipated events in the media and broadcasting industry. We’re delighted to share that our showcased masterpiece projected for Alamiya Media is already en route to Amsterdam.

The XL Semi-Trailer for Alamiya Media represents a pinnacle of hyperconverged technology solutions. This cutting-edge configuration boasts UHD-HDR video workflow at 12G and AES67 audio networking.
Purpose-built to accommodate 24 UHD system cameras, including 5 high-frame-rate (HFR) cameras capable of 8x speed. Adding to its prowess are 2 UHD RF cameras and 8 UHD Slomo-Server slots. High-end micro-cameras elevate its capabilities further.
The PCR room is segmented into Slow-Motion and Production zones. A standout feature is the noise-isolated Audio room, thoughtfully separated from operational areas and housing local equipment racks with independent cooling systems.
The engineering room includes the Shading area plus a single and flexible working space dedicated to lead engineering operations.
The C.A.R. ensures the complete isolation of the broadcast facilities with redundant cooling facilities in addition to a wide external connection tailboard.
Notably, this special coach design thrives in high-temperature climates, showcasing the OB-trailer’s adaptability.

In terms of products, a vital component of the Alamiya OB20 trailer is the Ultrix FR12 with Acuity Blades, an advanced solution that combines routing (216×216 UHD), video switchers (4ME UHD), audio mixing, MultiViewers, trays of frame syncs, and audio embedders/disembedders into a single 12RU chassis. This powerful platform consolidates multiple functions into a compact unit, optimizing efficiency, space, and resources.
The main production room within the truck is equipped with Acuity A3 Panel, a control surface with 32 crosspoint buttons designed to operate the Ultrix-Acuity switcher. This intuitive interface allows precise control of switching operations, ensuring efficient video resource management.

The system is completed with a powerful 12G-SDI Ross Video Opengear Gator, Carbonite Ultra engines as platform converters, and all the needed networking equipment. Onboard the trailer, it will be possible to explore a selection of Ross equipment, including the MIRA replay server and Xpression Graphics Platform, the most advanced real-time graphics and video enrichment technology stack on the market.

The audio control room within the truck is equipped with Lawo’s mc²56 audio production console. The Lawo mc²56 features compact size, flexibility, and versatile design for applications as diverse as broadcast trucks and studios, live performance and recording. It is optimized for today’s IP-video production environments, designed for networking in complex production infrastructures, with full native support for SMPTE 2110, AES67/RAVENNA, DANTE (via a Power Core gateway), MADI and Ember+. Local I/Os include 16 Lawo-grade MIC/Line inputs, 16 Line outputs, eight AES3 inputs and outputs, eight GPI/Os, and a local MADI port (SFP).

Lawo’s VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) broadcast control system, serving as the nerve center of the Alamiya OB truck, is unparalleled in its powerful and flexible IP-based control capabilities. Its seamless integration with a wide array of broadcast equipment, including video routers, audio consoles, and intercoms, makes it an ideal choice for managing resources efficiently. It also keeps evolving as ever more lighthouse projects require increasingly refined control and flexibility options. With its intuitive touch-enabled interface, Lawo’s VSM empowers producers with fast and accurate control over remote, distributed, and facility-wide resources and OB production trucks for exacting streamlined operations.

Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to experience the Alamiya OB-20 XL Semi-Trailer capabilities firsthand by joining ARET Booth (0.A07).

The countdown to IBC2023 has officially begun. Amsterdam, here we come!